Our Environment

Information Technology supports many elearning tools at Wooster.  The list includes, but is not limited to:

woodle (Moodle), our Learning Management System
WordPress, our blogging and web publishing platform
Confluence, our campus-wide wiki
SelectSurvey, our survey software

Of these tools woodle (introduced six years ago) is the most widely adopted.  During the fall of 2010, 196 or approximately 52% of courses used moodle representing 31 departments and programs across campus.  After woodle, the most adopted elearning tool is wordpress.  Established on campus over 5 years ago wordpress is used by faculty for blogging assignments and general course pages. Confluence, our campus wiki was introduced in pilot mode to campus in the spring of 2009.  It is primarily used by faculty looking for an easy way to upload and share documents.  We are also aware that many faculty are using cloud-based tools not provided by Information Technology.  Dropbox and Google Docs are often used in courses across campus.